This page is mostly about the previous KY6N, home QTH location. Click on the KH6AH links at left to be taken to the Maui, Hawaii site and for details about the Hawaii Internet Remote operation.
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The new CA remote station is located at Eureka CA. No room for the 72ft tower and the big beams.

At my Eureka location I have a K4KIO Hex Beam at about 40 ftl a dipole for 75 and 40 M.

Documents updated Jan 2015

Remote radio systems, history

PC Micro expierence

Elecraft K3 ...K0mini remote

Miscellaneous Equipment considerations

Setup notes for the Remote Rig system

I also have a remote located in Oregon City, Oregon. (Near Portland)

Older...KH6AH Hilo, Hawaii Internet Remote TS 2000

Older...KY6N Fortuna remote operation TS 480

The Remote Challenge!

Radio equipment for sale
This is a picture of the 72' tower and stack of long boom monobanders . However I no longer live at this location.
North West California
View the local Redwoods
72 ft HyGain crank up tower.

On the very top is a Cushcraft R5 vert.

Under that is the 17 Meter 5 element monobander on a 30 ft. boom

Under that is the KLM 20M5, 5 element 20M monobander on a 42 ft boom.

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Current time and temp. above.

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The ill fated quad project
This is a view from the the tower location....looking south west and west. The Pacific Ocean is about 5 miles from the tower. Unfortuantly I no longer live at this location.....probably the best radio location I will ever have.

The Ferndale Valley is famous for its quaint victorian town and is a major dairy center. The river that flows through the valley is the Eel River, seasonal home to Salmon and Steelhead.

KY6N summer camp at Lake View Terrace RV park, Lewiston CA. Summer 2004. This RV park is located about 150 miles from the home QTH. The draw is the fishing lake and the warm weather. On the road I use an ICOM 706MkIIG with an automatic ant. tuner and a 32 ft push up vert. on the rear of the RV....and I now have a 130 ft dipole fed with 300 ohm twin lead matched through a new SGC 239 tuner. The dipole works much better than the vert.
This is the new RV as of October 2003. It an Alpenlite 32ft. .......well and I also had to have a new Chev DuraMax to pull it with....
This is a picture of the operating position inside the Alpenlite.

I built in a small custom desk for my "toys".

This picture was taken at Park Moabi in Jan. 2004. Park Mobai is located on the CA side of the Colorado River about 10 miles south of the town of Needles, CA.

The Trinity River running full. This picture was taken May 25,2004 just below Lewiston Dam.

The flow is very high since this is the spring and they are releasing more water than normal.

This weir has been breached to allow the salmon to swim to the hatchery about 1/2 mile further upstream.

Looks great to me...but it's cold...about 42 degrees.

This is the lower part of Lewiston lake with the fish hatchery below.
What I do for a living. www.rainbowstorage

The self storage business I started about 39 years ago and I am involved in the operation on a daily basis also. In addition I try to catch a trout now and then.......and have even been known to chase a little white ball around a cow pasture once in a while.