Island of Hawaii, East side, & Hilo Town

This site shows a little about the Hilo, Hawaii QTH and area.

This station is no longer in operation.

As you can see it was quite complex. I now use Remote Rig which is much simpler and better quality.

Also, adding a linear really complicates a remote system. I recommend avoiding linears if possible.

System layout

Remote interface

How it works-text

The Remote Challenge

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Aerial view.

This house was built in 1956 by a sugar plantation manager.

The entire area was once a sugar plantation.

This area of the "Big Island" is known as the Hamakua Coast

It is an area of deep rich soil and receives between 90 and 150 inches of rain per year. Perfect for growing tropical Ag.

Plot plan of property with DX compass rose
This is the new 2 element Steppir....floating about 8 ft. above a Tangerine and a Pomelo tree. The antenna is only about 32 ft. above ground level...but the ocean is about 150 ft. to the east. This puts the antenna about 120 ft. above the ocean. Works great. Being next to the ocean has some advantages. Rust, corrosion and increased home maintenanceare the disadvantage.
This is the simple home brew "rotating" tower that I made up of hardware store parts. The two 4x4s are 20 ft. long and are set in two holes 4ft deep, with concrete poured around them. The lower pipe "rotating tower" is a 21 ft. piece of 1 1/4" galvanized water pipe (lower section) with a 10 ft. piece of 1" galvanized water pipe inserted down into the 1 1/4" lower section about 18" and pinned with a 1/4" SS bolt. The wooden plates on this side of the tower can be removed and, afer removing the small inserted coupling pipe bewteen the rotor and the 1 14" "rotating tower", the "rotating" tower can be lowered on the pivot point just above the rotor. Not fancy but it works and the parts were easy to get. It also puts the rotor at the bottom. The rotor is a CDR 44 with a computer interface card in he control head.
This is the south end of the the right is the deck and center support for the Carloina Windom....which runs north and south. The ant is about 25 ft above the ground ....and that puts it about 100 ft above the ocean.

Looking almost due north. Great take off over the pole ......
Notice the stumps in the bottom left of the picture......I had to cut down the best antenna supports.......There actually is a good reason. During heavy rains the trees that grow on the edge of the cliff concentrate water around the root ball.....this coupled with storm winds tend to tip the trees over and tear away chunks of the cliff. Thus to protect the cliff edge we are advised by geologists to keep the trees cut....low vegitation is desirable ....but no trees. However they would have been great antenna supports .
This is a replica of the Hawaiian voyaging canoe.

Two of these came into Hilo harbor in October 2004 on their way around the islands.

Hilo Town is in the background.

The mountain behind Hilo is obscured by rain's Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is about 13,900 ft and is the location of the six huge telescopes.

Picture of Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea has snow many times of the year. and is home to the Hawaii Snow Ski Club.